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tv   The Early Show  CBS  November 6, 2010 4:00am-6:00am PST

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>> haiti's new hell. the devastated country falls prey to another disaster. a hurricane on top of the cholera on top of the homelessness. job hunting. unexpected good news. but is the pace picking up quick enough and can the president and the new congress reach an agreement on how to get more morn americans back to work? >> amanda knox convicted of killing her roommate back no court to face slander charges. how will it affect her murder appeal? we talk to her lawyer this morning. the chilean miner is vag the
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time of his one day before his run in the new york city marathon. the race shouldn't be a problem. what's 26 miles after you are trapped in a mine? this november sixth, 2010. >> are welcome to the early show here on a saturday morning. >> i'm rebecca jarvis for erica hill. >> one of the stories we will talk about in a couple of minutes. hurricane tomas downgraded now, but if hit haiti and more problems to add to a laundry list of issues in that country. >> it's unfortunate, but we have things going on here in the united states and around the world. the time change tonight, daylight savings time where we turn the clocks back an hour. shorter winter days that can
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cause depression and exhaustion. we will show you how to fight back. >> i don't want to speak selfishly. it would have been nice if it was early this morning. >> i wouldn't have minded. >> i digress. i don't want to complain. so much to get to over the next couple of hours. tomas has battered haiti as a category one hurricane with 85 miles per hour wins and left from five to ten inches of rain. a foot of standing water fills the capital of port-au-prince where four are dead and two are missing. across the caribbean at least 19 have died. they are battling a cholera epidemic and struggling to recovery from the earthquake that left more than a million people in shelters. i'm joined by cbs news producer was in haiti's capital with the latest. what is the story down there?
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>> reporter: it's been raining all night here in port-au-prince and it has been a miserable night for those living in the tent cities. there over a million people who live in the portable structures and the rain has been coming down since the sun went down. the streets are flood and a lot of rivers and streams are overflowing and that is causing a lot of problems down here, but as far as the hurricane tomas goes, haiti dodged a bullet. the eye missed port-au-prince in haiti. if they didn't get the strong winds and major flooding they were worried about. the other problem could be it could have affected the water and sewage supplies that would have meant the cholera could have been more widespread. 400 people have die and haiti might have dodged a bullet this time. chris? >> in haty this morning, thank you very much. our lonnie quinn is tracking the storm. what's the latest on tomas right now? >> the latest is that it's
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downgraded to a tropical storm. it is to the north of haiti approaching the turks and caicos. 74 miles an hour or above, you are dealing with a hurricane. now a tropical storm and it is forecast as it pushes to the north over the eastern bahamas and the turks and caicos pushing out to sea. after the bahamas and the turks and caicos, this will not be a threat, but it's a problem in haiti there. will be an additional to two inches of rain on top of the 10 inches they received yesterday and the dangerous of mudslides taking place today that is really a problem. mountainous terrain and saturated land. that's the danger. the good news, by the end of the day, peeks of sunshine for haiti. that's the latest. here's rebecca. >> encouraging numbers with the job numbers. the government said more private sector jobs were created than
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expected. senior business correspondent anthony mason reports. >> american businesses made an unexpectedly strong showing in october, adding 159,000 jobs. >> that are means since january the private sector added 1.1 million jobs. >> it was the tenth straight month companies added it to their payrolls. >> the good news is the double dip recession is not going to happen. >> at the u.s. headquarters of lego -- >> you are hiring? >> we are hiring right now. >> the toy maker is building up their workforce by 10%, adding 40 jobs. >> everything from it to customer service. >> was there hesitation about hiring given the economy? >> we have been stretching our workforce and we are at a point where we can't do that anymore and we have to bring people in. >> it was companies like lego that helped the business have
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the second biggest hiring month in more than three years. cbs news, new york. >> while the job numbers were good, they were not good enough to beat unemployment and move it down from 9.6%. is there any plan democrats and republicans can agree upon to put more americans to work. we have our associate editor at barron's. the question is, we did add 151,000 new jobs. can you say we turned a corner? it sounds from anthony mason's piece like we have. >> we have in terms of the private sector trend. it is slowly strengthening. it's not enough to recover much of the jobs lost in the recession, but the trend is positive. >> 8.5 million jobs lost and 15 million people unemployed by the numbers. at what point do we say we will take the jobs back? >> hard to say, but the leading
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indicators of job growth, the workweek was lengthening and that shows employers have to keep people on. pay was up and temporary hiring was positive and that means big companies that are financially strong should be starting to do permanent hiring before too long. >> the companies that are hireing for education to health services and the temporary workers. are those the same services and retailers and the types of industries we will see strong going forward? do we need to see an emergence of a new industry? >> i think education and health care because they track demographic, retail was a winner this past month. i think that's a seasonal effect and they are pulling forward and hiring. i think that manufacturing by the way, even though we have h a small loss they have been a leader. the auto companies didn't lay people off as much as people
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expect. >> what are consensus are we going to get out of government with a new congress, a changed congress, is there a chance that democrats and republicans can coming to and find a solution? >> i don't know that there is a magic formula even if they can agree. there will be a debate around the tax cuts that will be one of the reckoning points. there is probably going to be an effort among the republicans to roll back business regulations and additional bureaucracy they are complaining about. those are not the decisive factors, but the economy has been in a slow recovery and businesses haven't seen a demand to hire a lot of folks. >> thank you for being with us. back to you. >> thank you. president obama is in mumbai, india this morning. the first stop of the 10-day visit to asia. chip vooed traveling with the president and joins us now. >> reporter: after the devastating defeat on election
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day, the last thing the president wants to do with this trip is give the impression he is running away from his problems. he will tell everybody the reason she in asia is to create jobs in america. the president began with a solemn visit to a memorial at the taj mahal hotel honoring those killed in a four-day terrorist siege. >> those who attacked mumbai wanted to demoralize the city and the country, but they failed. >> terrorism is one theme of the 10-day-trip, at the top of the agenda is jobs. in today's "new york times," the president explains how a trip overseas can create jobs in the u.s. the more we export abroad, the more jobs we create in america. every one billion we create. the more jobs at home. with the fast network of call
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symbols, they are out sourcing and sending jobs overseas. the president hopes to count they're perception by showing that india with the second largest population in the world can be a major market for goods made in america. today, for example, the president will announce that india will pay $5 billion for 10 cargo planes made by boeing. more than 200 u.s. business leaders are in mumbai to make the case for increasing trade and investment. >> we expanded to a new market. jobs are created in the u.s. >> the president will return in time for the lame duck session of congress that is expected to be so loaded with controversial issues, it will make this gruelling trip look easy by comparison. chris? >> back home, president obama has his work cut out for him. republicans have won control of the house, but former senator tom daschle in his book, getting it done, how obama made way for a new health care system said
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there ways for republicans and democrats to work together. senator daschle joins us live. good morning. congratulations on the book. a couple of things i want to talk to you b. nancy pelosi said she will run for house minority leader. will it not be good for fresh leadership? >> nancy pelosi has tremendous support around the country. it's not ever an easy task for a leader to make that decision. i'm glad she has. i think the key is whether nancy pelosi and john baner and harry reid and mitch mcconnell can work with the president to get things done. >> do you think it's possible, especially with mitch mcconnell saying he wants him to be a one-term president? does the public believe they can coming to o anything. >> we are still in campaign
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mode. that will change. we get into the next year, republicans and democrats both now feel invested. the house is controlled by the republicans and the senate by democrats. they will have to show they accomplished something over the course of the next two years in order to justify their reelection. clearly that new investment in legislative and governance will make a difference. i'm hopeful that we may not agree on the first two priorities, the third, fourth, and fifth may be ones for which there is common ground. that's the way it worked in the 90s when i was a leader and we can make it work again. >> tuesday was proof positive that the public is not patient like they once were. after the president took the she lacking, how do you think he jump-started things? that seems to go with yesterday's news. >> one word.
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inclusion. no question that if there is an effort on both sides to include and reach out, there is ample opportunity to build a new chemistry and a new relationship. that has to start and we have to get out of this campaign mode and into governance mode and that depends on how included both sides feel. >> you talk about the many problems and i want to read a quote. these are a lot of problems to tackle and it's unrealistic to think any plan can do more than take first steps. do you feel like the president made a strategic mistake putting all his chips on health care and not focusing on jobs and the economy? >> i don't think it's ever been only focusing on one thing. the problems are too big and too pressing. with every 1% of unemployment, many more are uninsured. there is an interrelationship and it was exactly the right thing to do. we will take it slowly and it will take 10 years. we are on the 30-yard line with
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70 yards to go. i think step by step, we can integrate economic and health public policy challenges and do a better job of solving both problems. >> thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> now for the rest of the morning's headlines. we go to the news desk. how are you? >> great to be back with you guys today. good morning, everyone. there were violent protests last night and early this morning in oakland, california after a white former transit police officer received a minimum sentence for fatally shooting an unarmed plaque man. 152 people were arrested. johannis mehserle shot oscar grant on a platform nearly two years. they demanded a harsher sentence. jury deliberations over whether steven hayes should live or die.
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we have a report. >> reporter: defense lawyers described 47-year-old steven hayes as a remorseful emotionally disturbed man. in a state of rage, despair and confusion and pleaded with jurors to spare his life. prosecutors disagreed, arguing the heinous nature of the crime and his willingness to participate warrants the death penalty, a punishment dr. william pettitte has fought for. >> what are matters to me most is my family and memories of my family and i kept trying to tell myself that good will overcome evil. >> hayes broke into the suburban home in july of 2007. they beat william pettitte with a baseball bat and forced jennifer to withdraw $15,000 from a bank before raping and stringling her back at home. their two daughters were also
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killed. the defense is that he was the mastermind behind. crime. the facts should make this an open and shut death penalty case. >> sheer a grown man with a long record. i don't think the jury was going to believe he was duped into committing so many horrific crimes. >> jury deliberations continue this morning. qantas airways expects to have the grounded fleet of six airbuses flying within days. they were taken out of service when the engines manufactured by rolls royce caught fire in mid-flight last thursday and friday. both made emergency landings. no injuries were reported. jill clay, but urgh has died. she was a star on television and
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hollywood. she was best known for betrayals are empowered women garnering an oscar nomination of a divorcee in an unmarried woman. her husband said she died at their home in connecticut on friday. she was 66 years old. about 17 minutes past the hour. here's a check of the weather. >> we will get right to it. nice seeing you as well. here are your weather headlines. tomas was a hurricane as it affected the out skirts of haiti. now it's downgraded to a tropical storm. it passes over the bahamas. i am talking turks and caicos. sunny and pleasant in the plains and cold air diving south. this is dallas, jackson, atlanta. there is a big trough on the eastern half of the country. that allows cold air to get further south. dallas, jackson, atlanta and portions of northern florida. low 20s and 30s as well. freeze warnings in effect for
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tonight and tomorrow night as well. that's a look at one portion of the country. here's a look at the weather for your weekend. you make it a great day. rebecca, over to you. >> tomorrow 43,000 runners from around the world will take to the streets of new york city for the new york city marathon. one survived 69 days trapped underground and is taking new york by storm. seth stone has the story. good morning, seth. >> central park behind me is the site those tens of thousands of runners will be hoping to see the finish line. in this gruelling physical test,
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one runner's training regimen really stands out. the view from the 86th floor of new york city's tallest building is more than 1,000 feet above ground. a particularly impressive sight for this man who spent 69 days more than 2,000 feet belowground. edison pena was the 12th miner to surface from the mine in chile nearly a month ago and he is the first of the trapped miners. his visit is more than just pr. tomorrow he will run the new york city marathon, a 26.2 mile challenge he trained for underground. he ran up to seven miles a day while trapped a half mile deep, sometimes in complete darkness. he ran to stay in shape physically and mentally.
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>> welcome edison pena. >> earlier this week david pena rolled out the red carpet and a few tough questions. >> was there a guy that was getting on everybody's nerves. oh, that guy? >> animated yet humble, he said in addition running, two things kept him going. his 32 fellow miners and his idol, the king. he jogged to elvis's music while deep underground and the love for the king landed him an invite to graceland. rebecca. >> such a great story. you were there when he was being pulled out of the ground. how does it feel having him on your home turf about to run the race? >> it's a sign of how much things have changed for all of these trapped miners. this is not only his first trip
5:21 am
to the u.s., but his first time ever out of chile. rebecca? >> thank you so much for following the story so well throughout the world. such a great story here. on top of that, a story about perseverance. that's something we need. >> he has become a rock star. the others are like i probably should have run when i was below ground and i would be in new york right now. sucha a great tale. we will talk about amanda knox, the three-year anniversary of being in prison. her appeal trial is coming up and a slander trial. we will talk with her attorney. >> it's that time of year. the days get shorter and darker and it leads to exhaustion and depression. we will show you how to fight back the fall back up next on "the early show." ,,,,,,,,
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we are going to talk about the amanda knox trial. we have been following this for the last three years. her appeal is coming up this month, but she is facing a slander charge. we will speak exclusively with her attorney in philadelphia this morning. we will discuss how much is this slander trial could it affect her appeal coming up later and her parents are facing slander charges as well. ,,,,,,,,izarre twist to a story
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>> welcome back to "the early show." it looks good in the city finally. the sun -- it took a while for the sun to get up and it will be worse now that we are seth the clocks. >> fall back, spring forward. it's the time of year where you feel your body get more lethargic and you are more sleepy and want to stay in bed longer. we will talk about how to fight back. there things you can do to make yourself get through this time easier. >> it's pretty much conventional wisdom when the sun is out and the days are longer, it maybes you happier and a little pep in your step. it's the dark days of winter. you pick up that extra hour of
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sleep. it's kind of nice to get additional time. we are adding an hour to the year 2010. you are watching "the early show." >> are welcome back. let's talk about edison pena. our chilean miner. you talk about a guy who is taking this all in and being treated like royalty. >> he is awesome. >> on letterman, i was talking about that. >> to see elvis. >> to do that. he committed to dancing. >> after everything else, like it matter fist you make a fool of yourself on television. >> the guy is here in town and will be running the new york city marathon and is training underground up to seven miles a day. he realizes that the marathon is longer than that, right? >> he has been doing it 2,000 feet underground in the dark.
5:28 am
>> i can't imagine that commitment and dedication. >> the training for running a marathon. i ran one back in college. here he is. you have to have one long day where you are running at least 15. >> everybody under the sun will be cheering for this guy. if he trained up to 10 miles, the power of the people is going to push this man through it. he was invited to be a guest and he said at that point i don't want a guest. i want to run this thing. talk about a major side bar to a major running event. he was in the city yesterday. wanted to visit the statue of liberty and he said i thought it was wider and bigger. the pictures he had seen. >> he is starting a new fad. we saw the air guitar, but he had a good air microphone going. they are going to start the competitions soon.
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>> and blue suede shoes. he had the sea bass apparently. we'll be right back. you are watching well, the party's over... i'm dr. oz. and, whether your side won or lost, the yelling season is through. it's time to get over it and get on with it. i went into medicine to help people live longer, healthier lives. but that's so hard right now. more than half of all personal bankruptcies are triggered by a medical problem, and that's got to stop. right here, right now, there is a historic opportunity to do just that... to make health care better for millions of californians, to make health care better and more affordable for you. the new healthcare law has so much in it that could help californians get better and more affordable health care, but it's up to the people of this state-- and its elected leaders-- to make sure that you get all you can out of the new law. find out what the new health law can do for you and your family at the california endowment's website: get educated, get engaged, get enrolled.
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>> new york city is waking up. welcome back to the early show. i'm rebecca jarvis. >> join us. i'm dragging. how you are wasting 6,000 gallons of water a year. we have six simple changes around the house that will save you close to $1,000 on your utility bills. almost 1,000 in savings. >> huge savings. tonight we set the clocks back and if darker days get you down, how to beat the blues in a natural way. >> an extra hour of sleep. you can't beat it. i keep driving that home.
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we go back to the news desk. >> we will talk about amanda knox. this story keeps on going. american college student amanda knox was arrest and charged with killing her roommate in italy. an italian court found her guilty, but she will be in court again monday to face new charges of slander. american student amanda knox was convicted of murdering her british roommate in italy back in 2007. the crime was horrific. with her throat slashed after prosecutors claimed she refused to take part in a sexual game. denied bail, knox sat in prison for three years. amanda will leave her cell on monday to learn if she will face an additional charge of slander. knox said italian police beat her in a-hour interrogation. >> i was very, very scared because they were treating me so badly and i didn't understand why. >> police deny they ever hit
5:32 am
amanda who is serving a 26-year sentence. she spent much time drawing. these self portraits have been made public and some claim they reveal the thoughts of a killer. that's disturbing to her parents. they issued a statement calling it typical of irresponsible reporting of what has been written about amanda. they are looking to november 24th when she begins an appeal of reversing her conviction. knox's parents go on trial after her parents claimed police mistreated their daughter. they delayed the hearing until next year. >> joining us is ted simon, the american attorney for amanda knox. thank you for taking the time to speak with us. >> good morning. >> monday morning there will be a hearing to decide if amanda knox will go to jail for slander
5:33 am
claiming that the police mistreated her. this is addition to the 26 years she is serving for murder if she has another trial. what do you expect is going to happen? >> monday is a very preliminary matter where a certain procedural issue will be discuss and whether or not it should proceed to trial. it won't be a full substantive hearing, but procedural in nature. >> we mentioned her parents will go on trial as well. that happens later after the first of the year. have you heard anything in regard to that trial? >> that's truly another unusual aspect to it, an incredibly unusual case. as you know her parents have been very supportive and incredibly loving in their support of their daughter. they arrived on the eve of the trial and what happened was
5:34 am
truly remarkable. both were arrest and charged with criminal slander based upon their repeating what amanda allegedly told them some year and a half prior. the timing of these charges is very suspect. when you look at this entire case and beyond what the public has already getting to know, this is absolute absence of forensic evidence of amanda knox in the room where meredith was killed or on her person, making this case impossible. not only are the parents charged with slander, after amanda is convicted, she is charged with slander based upon statements she made and shockingly the prosecutor who is responsible for her prosecution is convicted of abuse of this office, given a 16-month sentence and permitted to practice law and continue to prosecute. when you think that there could not be something more, something
5:35 am
more happens. two of the lawyers in the case, one for rafael and one for amanda were both charged with slander. the composite of this case, you can see how peculiar it is. >> let's say it does go to trial. does this in any way impact her appeal on the murder charge which is set for the 24th of this month? >> they should be independent and they are reviewing different matters. the slander case is separate and apart from the appeal as a murder conviction which will review the utter lack of evidence that is in this case. among many other aspects. >> for the appeal fails, what is the next step for amanda knox? >> fortunately we hope this provides a great opportunity for the reversal. in italy there is a broader standard and scope of review on appeal. that is the appellate court in italy will not only review the
5:36 am
law, but be able to review the facts. we are optimistic, cautiously optimistic that a good result should occur. if not there remains another opportunity to appeal to the supreme court of italy. >> thank you very much for taking the time this morning. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> let's go for another check of the weather. >> we will show everybody a big picture of the united states. the satellite and radar and you can see clear skies out there. a little bit of a snow shower around the eastern ohio valley, but really the clear air is all thanks to big high pressure smack dab in the middle of the country. if you are on the left side or the back side of this high pressure system, you are catching a nice warm southerly flow. take a look at this. omaha, high temperatures in the 60s and the 70s and plenty of sunshine. we showed you that. that picture holds true not just for today, but your day tomorrow as well.
5:37 am
that's some of the best weather for the weekend in the country. a quick look at the usa. here's a look at the weather for your weekend. see you in the next half hour. over to you. >> you know what time of year it is. time to fall back. don't let the shorter days get you down. we have seven secret 20s beating the depressing wind blis. this is "the early show" on cbs. #
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this week onhealth watch, starting tomorrow morning it will feel like winter. at 2:00 a.m. we fall back to standard time. a depressing prospect for a lot of people. research suggests that winter's shorter days can send our moods
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into a nose dive. you can fight back. we have the seven secrets to boosting your mood and immunity. i need these tips. let's start off with lifting your spirits with omega threes. >> there is truth to the winter blues, that it's a clinical disorder that affects 25 million americans and women times more. they can lead us to be less social and more irritable. dha boost your spirits and help fight immunity. beginning with the omega threes. they followed 1400 female subjects and found those women who did not eat omega three fatty acid-rich foods reported being two times as depressed as those who had 10 ounces of seafood that is high in omega three. obviously salmon, but if you don't like fish, walnuts and
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flaxseed are great sources. >>er is serotonin is something we want to make us feel better. what are these foods that we can take? >>er is serotonin is not naturally found in foods. it's a precursor. here we have foods rich inner is serotonin like cottage cheese and turkey. put some bananas in there. >> like thanksgiving, right. vitamin d comes from the sun, but you can get them from food. >> for has immunity benefits as well as boosting your mood. the issue with vitamin d, why we seem to get cold more often and feel more depressed, we get less sun light. 10 to 15 minutes will give you enough vitamin d. we are not getting enough sun
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light. it's hard to get enough from foods. 1,000 is what's recommended not just for immunity, but for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. >> i want to make sure we get to the vitamin c because that will boost immunity. how much do we want to have? >> it's recommended we only have 90, but some say 10,000. brk broccoli, red pepper and orange. zinc has been sthoen boost immunity and vitamin c helps the absorption. it's found in animal protein, but for vegetarians, you can get it in beans. >> and exercise. we don't want to under do the experience. >> it helps the mood because it releases endorphins, but people who get 40 minutes a day are not
5:44 am
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about and i think the people at home will be surprised as well. let's start with the thermostat you have in your house. all it takes is learning how to program this thing. >> that's right. learn how to use your programmable thermostat. you might want to pick one up. they are $80 and you may get a rebate from the utility company for purchasing one. you can set it down 5 or 10 degrees while you are away and crank it up when you are home. it can save you hundreds of dollars because you never forget to do it. >> i have been in my apartment for five years and i don't know how to set it on a timer. during the day the place freezes and i walk into a meat locker and hit the heat. it's probably something i should look at. >> you will be comfortable when you get home and you don't have to do it manually. >> estimated savings? >> a couple hundred dollars.
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more if you put it down a couple of degrees. that's a 4% savings a year. >> let's talk about the tvs. you bring home one of the brand-new televisions. is it in retail mode or home mode? >> up to $60 a year you are throwing in the trash if you have your tv on the wrong setting. you will see a heting home mode or retail or store mode. you want it in home mode. you want to look at other settings like the back light and the brightness. if everything is cranked up, that of the cos you money. that might compromise the picture quality. you don't want it cranked up. that's for the bright lights you see in the store. >> what's the difference with home mode and retail mode? >> everything is cranked up to compete with the fluorescent lights. >> about 50 or $60 in savings. >> absolutely. just change the settings. >> everybody has the game boys and the wii and it's burning
5:50 am
energy. >> 5% to 10% and you are not using it. it's a waste. video games are one of the worst offenders. unplug them when your kids are not using them and turn off monitors. those soak up a lot of energy. turn often the monitor. >> how much savings? >> up to $100 or more. >> we have dirty laundry. just don't do the laundry. >> do it in cold water. if you use the right detergent, you get them just as clean. tide cold water is the top rated detergent. it beat out most of the detergents in warm water. >> how much are we looking at? >> up to $60 a year. >> we're come to the dirty dishes and along the same lines. you still have to do it. >> a lot of people prerinse the
5:51 am
dishes. all that water costs money to heat and you are throwing it out the door. most can handle the crud. scrape off the chunks and don't prerinse. that will save you about $75 a year. >> who would have thought? >> you don't need to. >> duct tape. >> should you bring in a professional to seal your pipes. that will save you $4 hundred hand a year. another thing you can do is weather stripping around doors and windows. that can save you humans more a year. really worthwhile. >> you recommend putting the plastic over the windows? >> no. that's not attractive. >> whatever. i went up to my windows last night and the cold air was coming through. i can only imagine. >> putting in new windows. >> let's go through the line. if you follow these six, what you are going to save.
5:52 am
a grand total is $920 just by making these small little adjustments around your home. >> absolutely. >> these are great. for more on how to save money. go to cbs money a glimpse into the world of sir paul's daughter. mary cartney. that's coming up on the early show. wait until you see these pictures. absolutely beautiful. hey, babe. oh, hi, honey! so i went to the doctor today, then picked up a few extra things for the baby. oh, boy... i used our slate card with blueprint. we can design our own plan to avoid interest by paying off diapers and things each month. and for the bigger stuff, we can pay down our balance faster to save money on interest. bigger? bigger.
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a lot goes into the instant it takes to make delicious starbucks via vanilla instant coffee. also available in mocha, caramel, and cinnamon spice. pick some up at your local starbucks. >> are that is what we call "the
5:56 am
early show" royalty out on the plaza. very festive folks and good to have them. we have actual real royal news. just got off the royal hotline a second ago and we have exclusive information. >> cbs news learned that kate middleton received an invitation from the queen to attend christmas. >> when are something like this -- >> it's actually very formal. >> exactly. they go to the residence first to see if you are there and then a formal invitation follows. this is a big deal. >> because there has been so much speculation about are they getting married and what's going to happen? a lot of people say this is it. this seals the deal. >> the queen loves to keep william happy. >> she loves him. >> william wants to spend time with kate over the holidays. even sarah who has two kids with andrew -- she doesn't get to go to the meal.
5:57 am
she has to stay in the cottage and join after the meal. >> this must be a big deal. >> for some of you your local news is next and others will stay with us. >> wee we're back. >> i would love if chris can do more accent. chris spent a lot of his childhood in britain. >> about three hours north of london. >> do you have the inside scoop as a result that was time? >> the inside scoop, no. but my nanny, my nan, betty johnson in london now is a dead ringer for the queen. dead ringer. >> really? my grandma helen said as a child she was mistaken for the queen. poor are i am not saying it because she's my nan, but she has a regal appeal.
5:58 am
she is lovely. >> she should apply for a job as a security double. >> if there was a naked gun movie, she could. >> your grandmother is living there right now? >> my grandparents are british. >> did your mom grow up there as well? >> the early days of her life. >> no accent from your mom? >> she lost it because she has been in the states for decades, but my grand father is as british as they come and lives there and helped raise me when i was younger because my folks were divorced. i spent three months a year there. >> would you like a crumpet? >> who doesn't like a crumpet? >> we make fun of the tea and scones, but it was great. i love tea time. >> i love tea time too. i used to work in london and got tea for the traders in the afternoon. it was great carry being 20 teas back to the desk.
5:59 am
>> my uncle neal was a driver. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
6:00 am
tomas trouble. we will have the latest on the toll the devastating storm has taken as the country seeks to survive yet another test. growing pains. job growth higher than expected in october. the president calls it good news, but are larger gains on the horizon? two-faced. an amazing job of make up transforms a young man into an old one. a clever concealment in a bid for political asylum. will this master of disguise win his freedom? royal reception. prince william's girlfriend kate middleton will spend christmas with the queen. wedding bells may be around the corner. all that and more as we welcome
6:01 am
you to the early show this saturday morning november sixth, 2010. >> good morning and welcome back to the early show. it's a little bit darker and a lot of it colder. we are still enjoying ourselves on the plaza. i'm rebecca jarvis for erica hill >> there is a feeling of fall in the air and i need a new jacket. >> where is it? >> i thought i would brave it as long as i could. we got to november, but it's time. >> we want to keep you up to date on haiti. the storm has been downgraded to a tropical storm, but the devastation through the pictures that we are seeing coming out of haiti. natural disaster after natural disaster continues to hit this place and we will follow the story as it unfolds. >> mary mccartney and beautiful
6:02 am
pictures. her first picture book is out, 15 years of photography and a magical image of her mom and dad and family. family pictures of john and her brother and of paul and linda. beautiful ones. >> seeing the world in her eyes. first of check on the latest headlines. we go to whit from the desk. >> good morning, everyone. hurricane tomas has been downgraded to a tropical storm, but not before battering haiti. tomas struck with 85 mile per hour winds triggering widespread flooding. two people are missing. haty is grappling with the cholera epidemic and struggling to recover from last january's earthquake that killed more than a quarter of a million people. tomas is passing over the turks and caicos islands. there signs the economy is recovering slowly. jobs were added in october, more
6:03 am
than expected. the best showing since april, but it wasn't enough to change the unemployment rate stuck at 9.6%. in today's "new york times," the president said one key to creating more jobs is to export more good abroad and vow to double the exports over the next five years. president obamas blames himself for the republicans taking control of the house. in his interview since the election, mr. obama said he had a lot to do in a short period of time. >> what i didn't effectively, i think, drive home because we were in such a rush to get this stuff done is that we were taking these steps not because of a theory that we wanted to expand government, but we had an emergency situation and we wanted to make sure the economy didn't go off a cliff. >> you can see the entire interview with president obama tomorrow night here on cbs. the president of the university of notre dame said the school is responsible for the death of a
6:04 am
student filming football practice. deckland sullivan of illinois was killed while videotaping football practice. the hydraulic lift he was on toppled over in 50 mile an hour winds of the university said they should have done more to protect him. the death toll from a volcano eruption in indonesia is 138. the volcano west of the capital unleashed rock and choking ash. air travel in the country has been suspended. it's the worst eruption in a century. this is a weird story. a young asian man disguised as an elderly caucasian is in front of the immigration refugee board. the man was arrested in vancouver and requested political asylum. they are now investigating how he was able to board the flight with just a boarding pass of an american booked on the flight
6:05 am
and without a passport or any other picture id. >> there is no ap for that. switch to standard time could cause your iphone alarm clock to shut off and force users to reset the alarm manually. there is a bug in the software and it doesn't work well with the time shifts. apple said it could resolve itself by november seventh. let's go back outside to the plaza with lonnie quinn. what's happen something. >> good morning to you. enthusiastic little crowd behind me. i have birthday people. you are 18. who is irene? where are you from? >> long island, new york. >> happy 13th birthday. i have another birthday here. this is more vague. sharing my birthday with "the early show." i asked you if -- what's your name? >> debbie. >> the whole month? >> i celebrate a whole month.
6:06 am
>> you gotta like that. let's talk about weather because i have the hot spots and the chilly temps much the hottest spot is tucson at 85 and the coldest is ft. drum, new york down to a low of 21. the best weather is osh kosh, nebraska with sunshine and 74 degrees, not to be confusioned with wisconsin. osh kosh had sunny skies as a high pressure system is in control for basically 99.9% of the country a. i beautiful day albeit chilly in spots. here's a closer look at the weather. happy birthday, irene.
6:07 am
>> jingle bells? a lot of things happen around here. they are singing jingle bells because my shout out goes to everyone in birmingham at the christmas festival. they are singing jingle bells. four football fields worth of everything christmas. 3,000 vendors from five countries and more than a million people have made the trek. a big thanks to everyone in birmingham watching "the early show" on cbs 42. thank you for the beautiful rendition of the holiday classic. over to you. >> breaking news, prince william and kate middleton are one step closer to the altar. we learned that the prince's girlfriend received the next best thing to a ring. she is invited to share the
6:08 am
holidays with the queen. >> christmas for the british royals is a family affair. so kate middleton getting an invitation to join them as palace watchers a buzz. it's the clearest sign yet that a wed suggest ohm months away. >> i think the engagement is not a question of if, it's a question of when. >> the last truly gala wedding was 30 years ago when william's father prince charles married his mother, lady diana spencer. now the country is waiting for an encore. kate middle ton and prince william met at university in 2003 and as a couple they were fixtures on the club scene. recently the tone of their public appearances has become more sober. their intentions apparently serious. in fact over the past year while william finished training as a search and training helicopter pilot, he is sharing both his
6:09 am
house and life with kate. how soon will it be official? bookies say 2011 will definitely be the year, but they are taking bets on what month. at the moment, the smart money said june. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london. >> in london with the latest buzz, royal expert grit to have you with us. >> how are you in. >> doing great and so excited about this news. what makes the invitation so important? >> two things really. let's recap and look at the royal romance as it were. they are different. this is a brand-new version of the royal family. we have prince william and kate middleton living together with the queen's blessing. that's totally different in royal circles. when you get an invite from the queen to spend christmas with her which by the way is her
6:10 am
favorite season of the year, how would you dare say no? >> what do you expect when she does spend christmas with the queen? what will she be experiencing? >> a lot of people expect that it's going to be like a scene out of dallas or dynasty. that's a subdude affair. they play party games and no tv and they watch after 6:00 in the evening. it's very much a tranquil setting. the queen is very religious and likes to reflect and look towards the future and the future is a royal wedding. >> what does one bring to such an affair? >> this is where we would be great guests. you don't have to spend a lot of money. we are talking about $10. the queen has everything. what would you buy? if is looking for a present, you want something quirky. something that appeals to her comedic sense. she likes things like stuffed animals and toys and things like
6:11 am
that. maybe something horsey. that's what i would be going down. >> you would bring something horsey. let's talk about this. the odds makers in london are talking about it. in terms of a wedding date, do you have anything in mind? >> i believe it will be a late summer wedding for the reason if you check the royal diary and you are clever, you can work out where prince william may be and kate does have gaps. people do call her waity katie. she is a modern woman and the bottom line is at 29 or 28 or whatever years old, does it matter that she is not married? she has proven she got her man and they are engaged without the official moment. obviously for them, she see herring he
6:12 am
her life together with the man she loves. >> growing up, sir paul's daughter, mary mccartney's new book with snapshots of family and friends and joins us next with early coffee. you are watching "the early show" here on cbs. ♪ your favorites, in pieces. don't. c'mon. ♪ [ sighs ] [ exhales ] [ male announcer ] mcrib is back at mcdonald's. tangy, sweet hickory barbecue sauce. made with 100%, tender, juicy, boneless pork.
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talk to your family about aging... unh-unh. no. ...even if they're not ready to listen. no matter who you are, it's not easy talking about aging. for help, go to a message from volunteers of america. her,,,, your inspiration? >> she was my inspiration and i
6:16 am
grew up watching her taking photographs all the time and i think growing up in an artistic family i thought a lot of photography books and museums and stuff. i grew up thinking that was normal. >> i have been exposed to seem famous people. your parents first and foremost. did it make it easier because you were in arenas with great imagery surrounding you in. >> i think so and it may be easier because i was always observing what was going on. from there it's just i love observeing it and why didn't i start snapping it. >> a shot of kate moss on the back of the book. you don't like the whole light htit up. joni mitchell right there. let's put you in front of the camera. this is much more kind of almost third person. >> this is from where i stand. it's a more intimate and personal if i can edit my career. it's interesting. some of them are more produce
6:17 am
and set up and lit, but i still try to make it more natural. >> the shot we saw of helen there, that was the first commission photo. that was a very, very big deal. are these stars tougher subjects to shoot? we know they do like to look perfect. >> helen was a joy. she was my first commission. i was a bit daunted and what am i giving. i love the photograph. it's grity and real and i love the expressions in her face. >> how do you relax the people you are photograph something we get rigid when we know we are about to have our picture taken. you don't want that. how do you get the subject to warm up? >> i think that's why i love what i do. that is the challenge to get an intimate portrait that shows the character and doesn't make them look scared. i try to spend time relaxing
6:18 am
them beforehand and letting them know i'm not going to let them do something thaw don't want to do. >> my favorite are pictures of your family members. you have great shots of stela and james and your mom and dad. the picture that stands out, your dad here riding a horse. how tough was he to shoot? >> he's great because there is a transition between family and more of a portrait. i love when it's film. it's like a cowboy. >> very rugged. >> he's relaxed and it's not like he's performing for the camera. he likes that kind of picture as well. >> my favorite shot in the book is your mom and dad on the beach in scotland. shot from far away. your perspective. it's the most beautiful shot. >> it's such a tiny portrait, but it has so much energy and they look so much happy.
6:19 am
i hear skipping music when i look at temperature. >> this is a ticket for you into social situations. i thought that sums up the entire book. you are kind of there and don't have to be a part of it, but you are a big part of it on the periphery. >> i like to observe what's going on. now i have been doing it 15 years and i have to produce more so people look to me to direct them, but my favorite is when i get to blend into the background and wait for the special moment. >> dad proud of you? >> very. he is very proud. i think everyone is. it's exciting finally. i have been shooting so long, it's nice to have a book so i can say this is what i do. >> it's wonderful. a great collection of what has been a tremendous career. we look forward to more of your shots. >> thank you. >> the boo book is from where i stand. >> up next, don't let hosting the holidays give you high anxiety. the secrets to a stress-free
6:20 am
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6:23 am
we kickoff the holidays without stress. no holiday can cause more stress from the menu to the shopping and the cooking. it's less than three weeks away, but with early planning you can have yourself a stress-free thanksgiving. here to show us how is the online contributor for better homes and gardens. >> glad to be here. >> it's not too early. even though we are in week one of november, start planning now. >> this is the time to put together the budget and the guest list. there plenty of things to do right now. >> you mentioned finalizing the guest list. that can be a tricky thing. >> it can be. it's about friends and family and you should reach out to people personally and give them a call and invite them.
6:24 am
you have the guest list finalized right there and there. you don't want aunt gloria to show up and not have a seat at the table. >> you have to get the shopping done. between the long and the shorter term shopping, how do you want to think about that? >> i think we really just shouldn't think of doing everything from scratch. we want to cut corners as much as possible and have a high quality. i want to focus on the family favorites and what do people love and are glamouring for? make sure you know what ingredients you need. cut corners wherever possible. >> buy the nonperishables now. >> i have a simple motto. full hands in and full hands out. i learned this being a waitress and when i go shopping, i like to buy things i'm going to need
6:25 am
for my thanksgiving dishes now. i can buy the bread crumbs and the canned goods. buy the canned pumpkins and stock up on the staples like salt and olive oil. you don't want to run out of the thing of salt the day of thanksgiving. >> fill up the cart when it's not insane and you are fighting people and traffic. >> absolutely. also you say outside of food, there items you can buy. >> yes. you want to make sure that your kitchen is well-equipped to handle the cooking you need to do. you want to take inventory of what you have got. you don't want to be stuck the day before thanksgiving peeling 10 pounds of potatoes without a good peeler. you want to make sure you have the knives you need and make sure you have pots big enough to cook for the people. you just don't have enough pots and i have to make them in several pots. >> visualize the menu and think about how many people and say wait a minute, does my kitchen
6:26 am
have the right stuff? >> get the peelers and the knifes and the gadgets you need to make it stress-free. >> lastly, there things you can start cooking now? >> yes. you can cook and freeze a lot of things. you can freeze breads and pie crusts and you can even make gravey and freeze it and all sorts of desserts. cheesecake and pecan pie freeze well. it's a great time. pace it out and make stuff now and stick it in the freezer. >> we have something to do this weekend. >> exactly. >> thank you very much. for all of these stress-free tips head to our website. coming up, you heard his music on your favorite shows. this morning, you can hear singer songwriter joshua in the cafe. for some of you your local news is next and others stay with us. you are watching "the early show" on cbs.
6:27 am
look at this. the family. another good way to keep the stress level down at the holidays is lock the liquor cabinet for the relatives that come over. >> i thought you should unleash the liquor cabinet. >> for makes matters worse. we will go down the line. you have plans? >> my stress-free thanksgiving, we are not going to cook. we go out and a lot of the hotels have a buffet and you stuff your face and you don't clean and you watch football stress-free. >> easy way out. how about you? >> you know how small new york city apartments are and yet the quinns are having 23 or 24.
6:28 am
>> that's such a mess. >> they are tiny apartments and they squeeze everybody in. you borrow from the neighbors. >> we don't have 24 chairs? >> that's what thanksgiving is all about. as a kid we would go to the neighbor's and borrow a table and extra chairs. >> you top the say is having 24 people in 24 square feet? >> i love it. >> not quite as long. perhaps more agonizing. >> in the small spaces when you put the tables together, we go from the living room and curve into the kitchen and down the hall way. >> towards the elevator. >> i'm evaluating my options right now. i have to work the friday after because it's the big retail day, black friday. i will have to be up early and i will stay in the city and be with the friends who are in the city. >> stress-free.
6:29 am
>> don't worry about me. i will talk about my family. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
6:30 am
that's right. >> right here on "the early show." >> welcome back to "the early show." >> coming up, our celebrity chef cookbook are the bestsellers and she will prepare the meal you voted for. which will it be? eggplant parmesan, vegetarian tacos or no meat meat loaf. >> i hope it's not the no meat meat loaf. >> your vote doesn't count. >> that's personal. >> ellen degeneres liked the music so much she asked her to
6:31 am
play at her wedding. he is playing here in the second cup cafe. this is a quick shout out to my dad, the big 66 today. >> that's amazing. happy birthday. junior here would like to wish you a happy birthday. >> happy birthday, dad. we will have a final check of the weather. >> can i call you jr. from now on? >> he goes by chris. i'm not a junior. >> it is my job and we talk about this every year. somehow it falls on the shoulders of the weather man to remind you to be turning your clocks back. that's right. tonight when you go to bed, the clocks fall back and you get an extra hour of sleep. i have done my duty. not everybody is going to be falling back with the clocks. not everybody turns the clock back. i put a list together for you. for those of you who know this, you don't turn the clock because
6:32 am
it remains constant. there will be no falling back in most of arizona. about 90% of the state doesn't touch it. the northeast corner does fall back. all of hawaii doesn't touch the clock and puerto rico also doesn't touch the clock. no falling back there. whether you are watching the clock or not, high pressure system is in control for the entire country. you can see a little snow shower. not much of anything. i'm not talking accumulations and around the valley, a flurry or two. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend. all right. we are done with the birthday
6:33 am
wishes. happy 13th birthday to you. junior, inside to you. >> this is funny. very, very funny. up next, this is one -- i'm not even going to say it. the other big vote this week, which entree our celebrity chef will prepare. find out what's on the menu in the kitchen when we come back. you are watching "the early show" on cbs. of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. ♪ keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. [ female announcer ] so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. ♪ because it is. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. all you expect from the number-one recommended detergent by dermatologists. all free clear is free of dyes and perfumes.
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6:36 am
>> are welcome to no profanity saturday. it's a no nonsense tough love guide to eating right. it flew off the shelves and spawned a skinny bee empire. now she is out with the skinny bee everyday cookbook. how many times can i avoid it. she is the chef on the shoe string and here to whip up the entree you voted for. we gave you three entrees to choose from and we let you vote. the winner is eggplant parmesan. good choice. we are going to get cooking. what do we have before we start? >> look at all this. vegetables full of fiber and protein and complex carbs. it's simple and inexpensive. the kale and white bean soup. >> for dessert, the chocolate peanut buttercup cakes.
6:37 am
>> i have onions in the pan and here is celery, potatoes, carrots and garlic. >> this is an entirely vegan menu. >> it is. it's where you can be low fat, no colest roll and low in saturated fat. it's inexpensive and buy locally seasoned foots and it is so wonderful and tasty. >> that's the big upside to the vegan menu. >> you want to get the maximum health benefits and flavor. it's not expensive. it's fast. it's easy. >> what was that item? >> carrots, celery, potatoes and tomato paste, onions and garlic. we will let that cook and add the water for the base of the soup. >> tough water? >> six cups of water. you want to -- i like to cook it for about a half hour and everything will be soft like the
6:38 am
carrots and potatoes. we have kale and white beans. if you want to add that. >> the kale? >> levy greens. it's inexpensive and healthy. full of fiber. >> i haven't had the vegan variety. i am about to experience that. i love white beans. >> it's so healthy and inexpensive and quick to make. why don't you taste? you have it on there for about a half hour before the kale. it will become soggy? >> you can cook it for 20 minutes. >> first bite of vegan food here. drumroll. >> it's so tasty and inexpensive. >> now we will do the eggplant. thanks for all who voted for that. >> nice job. >> we will add a nice trick. this is vegan mayo.
6:39 am
this is all soy. no cholesterol and low in saturated fat and great for the heart. we will dip it in this po lenta with vegan parmesan cheese. >> this is not like normal bread crumbs. >> this is the quick dry po lenta. we will add grape seed oil to a pan. we will cook it until it's lightly brown. this is going to make the coating stick. it has a little bit of texture so it's nice and thick and rich when you are tasting it. >> eggplant is something you enjoyed for a long time? >> i love it and you don't have to buy it organic. it's inexpensive. >> it's a glasclassy food. >> this is what it looks like. it has a nice coating. i'm making the topping.
6:40 am
the italian diced tomatoes. >> is that all? >> just open up a can. here is a little bit of vegetarian brown gravy mix? >> do you get that at the market? >> at a natural foods market or whole foods or order it on line. this will make a nice rich texture without any of animal products. >> how much you put in there? >> maybe half to 2/3 of a packet. that's all you want to do for the topping. when you have your eggplant out of the pan, you put some cheese. >> this is vegan cheese? >> this is a company that has really wonderful vegan cheese and they shred it for you. you can get it at the natural health food store. it's so wonderful. so tasty. you are going to put some on there and at the end, you put the sauce on it and in order to
6:41 am
get this to melt, you will put it in the broiler. two to three minutes. >> at the very end. >> you put it in the broiler for two to three minutes and it mels the cheese and you take it out and put the sauce on top and that is what it looks like. >> i love eggplant. wonderful. grab a knife their too. i really almost dove right into the cupcake. hold on one second. i don't want them taking my food. >> they are coming for food. you say dessert and people come. that's a wonderful quick dish. this has a peanut butter frosting. >> how can the chocolate cupcakes be veg an? >> anything can be veganized. it's simple. i'm using almond milk instead of the milk and instead of the eggs to make it rise, i use soy or almond milk and apple cider
6:42 am
vinegar. you have flour, making soda and baking powder. everyday things you have in a cupca cupcake. >> huh $40 and you came in at $yes. $39.66. well done. as we see how low you can go, bill telepan leads the way at $37.01, but he only brought one course. >> people think vegan cook suggest expensive and i came under budget. >> time for you to decide what's on the menu. for barbecue short rib, call star star 01 and chicken curry star star 02 and for tangy fried chicken, star star 03. kim, thank you so much. skinny bee. get one of the cookbooks. to get these recipes, go to our
6:43 am
website, cbs we'll be right back after this. stay with us.
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. >> when ellen married portia dirossy, who did she call? >> another celebrity friend produced his mask on the show and his songs appeared in more than 75 tv programs and movies including "grey's anatomy," house, and the nanny diaries. >> josh's third album debuted at number five on i tunes. not bad for a guy who went to college to write screen plays. here he is with brand-new day. ♪ the kind of magic that happens
6:47 am
late at night ♪ ♪ when the moon smiles down at me ♪ ♪ i fell asleep near you ♪ when i awoke the world was new ♪ ♪ i never had to ask ♪ it's a brand-new day ♪ the sun is shining ♪ it's a brand-new day ♪ for the first time in such a long, long time ♪ ♪ i know i'll be okay ♪
6:48 am
most kind of stories save the best part for last ♪ ♪ and most stories have a hero of mine ♪ ♪ you make your past the past ♪ and you make your past your past ♪ ♪ it's a brand-new day ♪ the sun is shining ♪ it's a brand-new day ♪ for the first time in such a long, long time ♪ ♪ i know that i'll be okay
6:49 am
♪ this cycle never ends ♪ you got to fall in order to mend ♪ ♪ it's a brand-new day ♪ it's a brand-new day ♪ for the first time in such a long, long time ♪ ♪ i know i'll be okay ♪ >> hey, gang. >> thank you very much. >> nice to see you. thanks for being here. great stuff. you guy his a big last night, right? >> like hours ago or something.
6:50 am
>> a great night sleep and you rolled in here. >> we slept on the tour bus and someone woke me up about an hour ago. >> that was the cops ticketing you. good effort. >> i'm curious to know, you started out as a screen writer. >> as an art teacher. that's what i went to school for. >> what makes you pick up the guitar in the first place? >> a break up i was going through with this girl. i was writing comedies, screen plays. i wasn't feeling very comedic. i picked up this guitar and learned a few cords and all these songs came out. >> did you write her a love song? >> i wrote her some -- >> some words. love is not the word. >> do you get to the point where you are see a rerun and say there is more of my music. >> i don't watch a lot of tv,
6:51 am
but we were actually flying somewhere and i can't remember where. it was an overnight flight and that song i just played was playing on the speakers and we were like groggy. am i awake? is that me? >> that's great. we thank you guys for being here. to our website and don't you move. we have an encore performance after this. "the early show" on cbs. ♪ express yourself ♪ [ female announcer ] the newest seasonal flavors are here. ♪ express yourself ♪ [ female announcer ] because coffee is like the holidays. it's better when you add your flavor. coffee-mate. from nestle.
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6:55 am
>> monday we kickoff the namesake series, the people who share the exact same name they do. you won't believe the characters they med in the stories they have to tell. something tells me with harry smith, not too hard to find. >> you know at one point i lived in the same town as another lonnie quinn. >> next early saturday, we hear the story behind elster from "the tonight show." >> take it away. have a great weekend, everybody. ♪ ♪ baby, you, you got what i need ♪ ♪ baby, you got my sunshine
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♪ i'm on fire ♪ can't you feel my desire ♪ i want to take you higher ♪ >> it's as simple as saying it's so hard to see that i want to be ♪ ♪ the one and only ♪ oh, darling i need love ♪ that's all i can do ♪ baby you got what i need ♪ baby, you got my sunshine ♪ baby, you, you got what i
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